The Grindr debate: Who owns your own relationship software?

The Grindr debate: Who owns your own relationship software?

Recent posts throughout the Grindr president Scott Chen post into Fb one to “marriage is an effective holy relationship anywhere between a person and you can a woman” feel the incorrect appeal. To many gay males, it’s over that and opens how to discover any you happen to be interested in, as long as it is not a partner.

Chen, a much, married son, reportedly generated the brand new article in response for the present Taiwan referendum that chosen off a wedding equivalence size. He defended their review, writing after that: “The reason I said relationship is a holy wedding anywhere between an excellent son and a lady is founded on my personal feel,” the guy published. “I’m a straight kid partnered to a lady I enjoy and that i has actually a couple of stunning girl I enjoy throughout the matrimony. This is why I feel in the my personal relationships. Differing people has actually the other thinking regarding their marriage ceremonies. You simply cannot refuse my personal emotions throughout the my matrimony.”

The news headlines stories developing are quoting Chen plus the irony-I suppose-you to their visible traditional opinions into wedding are stop to those of one’s supposed monolith off homosexual boys and you will lesbians.

Grindr, for those who have no idea are, inside respectful business, a gay “dating” application

I might define wedding because the a pretty outdated facilities, like the United kingdom monarchy-a romantic holdover regarding alot more patriarchal minutes whose usefulness commonly break down since ladies professionals and you will men pros receive real social and monetary equity plus don’t have to strive against prominent category appeal you to definitely search in order to mine united states. Continue reading “The Grindr debate: Who owns your own relationship software?”